What Are Native apps? Try To Eliminate Them

Native apps

What Are Native apps? Try To Eliminate Them

When you buy an Apple device, and we will focus specifically on the iPhone and iPad, you will know which are the native apps. Yes, those that come with the device. But to tell you the truth, many of them we never use, we have just opened them and they do not tell us anything.

One that comes to mind is the compass. Who uses it today? Is it so necessary that I am yes or yes? Maps has made the compass unnecessary, unless you like to try this method of orientation. Or the app for the Watch if you do not enjoy the benefits of the smart watch. Or maybe you want to remove Mail to replace it with more efficient ones like Spark. Do you want to know how to remove them?

How Are The Native Apps?
If we take a look at the support page of Apple,
there are many native apps that can be removed from your device without it being impaired in its performance. They warn that if what you are looking for is saving space, better do not do it. The high optimization of them makes that all together do not exceed the weight of 200 MB. But why continue to keep something that you will not use?

What Are These Apps?
Search my friends
iCloud Drive
iTunes Store
Videos or TV
Voice notes
App Watch
Many times it makes up for replacing one native with another, we had set the example of Mail. But you can change Maps by Google Maps, the Time by others that populate the App Store as Ventusky or Living Earth. The fan is more open than ever.

Learn How To Remove Native Apps
The method is the same as you apply when you want to delete an app, you must do a long press on the icon until the symbol of the x appears. Clicking on it that app that you have abhorred on the screen will pass to a better life. Do not worry, if you regret the process is completely reversible. Just look for it with your name in the App Store and restore it.

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