The 4 Hidden Functions Of Your iPad

The 4 Hidden Functions Of Your iPad

The 4 hidden functions of your iPad that you should start using
That the iPad is more alive than ever is something that is clear. Despite the fact that the iPad 2 of 2011 has just been made obsolete, the arrival of the new devices launched by Cupertino augurs a new cycle. But there are many people who find themselves with the following tessitura, they use the iPad every day, but with basic functions.

The arrival of iOS 11 came to greatly magnify this tablet, giving a huge boost and getting the distance with respect to the use of it in front of a computer is reduced. Therefore, we have prepared this article in which we show some features that you should apply from now and which you do not know how to access.

Learn how to use these little-known features on your iPad
Use the keyboard as a TrackPad
Since I discovered it, I can not do without this trick. When you are writing, for example, the Notes app, and you have noticed that there is some text error something above, you do not have to juggle to get to that point. Simply leave the space key pressed, the keyboard elements disappear and you can put the pointer at ease just like you do on your MacBook. It saves you a lot of time and prevents you from despairing. Oh, it also works on your iPhone.

Split the keyboard
Yes, many people love this trick when it comes to holding the iPad when they are standing. It is very simple to do, put the keyboard in any app that makes use of it, and press the icon that you have in the lower right that shows the keyboard. Click on the split option, and the keyboard will open like the waters of the Red Sea before Moses.

Anchor the most used apps in the Dock
The reason for doing so is simple, always at hand and not wasting time. To do this press the app you want to anchor non the bottom of the screen until it starts to shake, and once done, drag it to that place. Said and done.

Look at the recent documents that you have worked with an app
And no, you do not need to use Spotlight for it. You just have to go to the icon of that particular app and press it for a second. You will see a small preview of the last open documents.

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