Snapseed Tricks To Edit Your Photos in Online


Snapseed Tricks To Edit Your Photos in Online

The Snapseed is a free image editor that allows you to make quick adjustments in photos from your phone, this app is available for computers as snapseed for pc and even for mac also. It is Available for Android and iPhone ( iOS ), the app lets you create the booker effect, also known as “Portrait Mode”. Remove unwanted objects from an image, change the perspective, expand the surroundings around the photo, and even change the position of the photo face. All edits can be made to photos in the device gallery or captured on the spot with the camera.


The tool is ideal for those interested in photography who wish to achieve a more professional result and share on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, and e-mail services, such as Gmail from Google. To learn more about the features available in Snapseed, here is a list of some tips.

Portrait Mode

The booker effect, popularized with the launch of iPhone 7 Plus and the inclusion of Portrait Mode, highlights the main subject of the photo and leaves the background landscape blurred. To create the effect, go to “Tools” and then select “Focus Effect”. To make the main object stand out, you can determine the exact location of the effect’s insertion into the photo, adjust the blur and vignette intensity (shaded around), and the transition level.

Remove Objects

Snapseed lets you remove unwanted elements, people, and objects from the environment that have been captured in the photo. To do this, simply select the “Correction” tool and tap on the item to be removed. The app will cover the object with parts of the image around it in the photo, which leads to a smooth disappearance. Those interested in achieving a more perfect effect can zoom in on the photo to achieve a minute result.

Change Perspective

With the “Perspective” tool, the user can change the angle of the photo and can expand it to all sides in order to give more depth to the image. In addition, the tool offers the ability to tilt, rotate, scale, and make free changes to achieve the desired effect. As the photo changes, its margins are complemented so that there are no black borders.

Expand the environment

The “Expand” tool uses elements of the photo itself to expand the environment at the edges of the picture and add volume to the image. This feature helps you increase the size of the photo without having to insert white or black borders around it, ideal for getting the required photo size, as required by social networks. Care must be taken when applying the effect so as not to make it artificial and with duplication failures.

Double Exposure

With the “Double Exposure” effect you can superimpose one image on another and create an effect that blends the two photos together. After selecting the main image, the user must choose the “Tools” option and then “Double Exposure” to insert the secondary image. He can then select different blending intensity patterns and adjust the opacity of photos to achieve the optimal overlay level. To make the effect look better, it is best to use a silhouette photo or neutral background as the main image. This will make the overlay clearer.

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