How To Disconnect From Social Media And Internet


How To Disconnect From Social Media And Internet

Messaging applications and social networks are an incredible incentive, now we are more connected than ever and fortunately, it is possible to get back in touch with people who lost track years ago. However, these networks and messaging apps can have a negative side, the excessive abuse of them makes us watch the screen and steals a time that we can devote to other things.

There are no magic formulas with respect to them, but we think that there may be certain guidelines with which we can learn to say enough. And no, it’s not about applying radical changes and abandoning these networks or apps definitively, but learning to “put them on hold”.

Tricks to not be so aware of social networks and messaging apps

First of all, keep in mind that social networks are not essential. If you are, it’s because you want and that’s it, the same thing happens with messaging apps. Surely you use WhatsApp and Telegram , apart from iMessage or some other. The fact of being more connected than ever makes us at the same time to be more aware. And from the experience of being in various social networks and working with iPhone and iPad, I’ll give you some guidelines that may be useful.

Leave the phone when you can at home
We have become badly used to always carrying it, it is obvious that its mission is to communicate. But it is very healthy to leave it at home sometimes if you are going for a walk or you think you do not need it. The world does not end because of it.

Turn it off when going to sleep
I acquired this custom years ago and it is good life insurance. After all, I have a landline at home and if something happens I will be reachable. Going to bed with the phone does not seem like the best idea, we always think that it will only be a few minutes and one hour goes by easily, and what is worse, without doing anything, just scroll.

Check your groups
Now a WhatsApp group is made for anything from a dinner to the friends of the school. Think that many times we get into one of them and we do not want to be. Perhaps we need, at a general level, more education in the use of these. If it bothers you to be in one or think you are investing a lot of time in it, it is best to leave it. But do not do it to the brave, communicate your wishes not to be, send a greeting and jump. You will be fine and you will have got rid of worry.

Manage your time well with networks
Social networks are what they are, and nothing more. Many times we have the feeling of having lost control and devote more time than it should. Neither does it need to be radical and abandon them completely, it is only necessary to quantify the time that we are going to dedicate each day. It is true that networks entertain and inform you, but never allow them to steal your time.

There is life beyond them, so think if you deserve that that excessive spending. To disengage from them, or at least to become aware of the use of smartphones, I recommend you try the Moment app. It makes you aware of screen time , something that already included iOS 12, but provides a series of tricks to live better.

Do not publish everything
If we spend more time than due to them, we run the risk of giving too much of our own data. It is amazing to see with there are people who write too many your day, and most of them to tell banal things. For example “Here bought the bread”. I do not know who might be interested in this, but it’s an all too common attitude. It is also often seen on Instagram, but with the added bonus of accompanying it with a photo of the face itself. Stop to think and analyze. What am I contributing to it? I will not be giving the opposite image of what I intend?

Each one owns his actions, but networks are too often converted into shop windows where there is not much to see. For that reason, I always have 2 maxims: never publish what I do not want to be known about me , and make contributions that do have an impact. I prefer a post on Facebook good to 3 mediocre.

Is it convenient to be radical?
That is, eliminate my social profiles. I am not a supporter unless you have it very clear, but it is better to go with caution and think better about how much time I will devote daily to networks, and what new things I can start doing with what I earn. Maybe it’s a good way to see that networks are not everything. And like everything in life, in the middle term is a virtue.

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