How to Get Free Robux on Roblox


How to Get Free Robux on Roblox

Everyone wants free Robux these days, and every week millions of people search for the easiest, foolproof ways to get them. Robux is a virtual currency, is absolutely attainable, but in order to earn them, you must follow a series of steps, and you need to be very careful of scams. In this guide how to get free robux on Roblox, we will go into details on true ways to get free Robux.


As an online coding school, we also include detailed instructions on how to earn Robux by making your own games on Roblox Studio while utilizing game passes and developer products.

Methods Of Getting Free Robux On Roblox

Earn Free Robux By Using PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes is a website from where you can earn reward points for completing micro tasks like completing the survey, visiting a website, watching videos etc. It is a 100% legit way of earning free Robux in Roblox. All you have to do is earn a decent amount of reward points at PointsPrizes. There are multiple ways of earning reward points on PointsPrizes. You can earn reward points by:

  • Completing surveys
  • Using Bonus Points
  • Inviting your friends to join PointsPrizes
  • Using Coupon Codes

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Once you earn 3750 points at PointsPrizes, you can redeem them for a $25 Roblox Gift Card. This gift card will contain a free Robux Code that you can use to get free Robux worth $25. Simple, isn’t it? So, go and give PointsPrizes a try.

Get Builder Club Membership

This method is not totally “free”. But trust me it’s definitely going to help you a lot in earning free Robux that too, daily! So, all you have to do is purchase the Builders’ Club Membership. There are three levels of membership that you can purchase. These are:

  • Classic/Regular: This membership will cost you around 6$ and will provide you with daily 15 Robux for free! 15*30 = 450 Robux per month for absolutely free.
  • Turbo: This membership will cost you around 12$ and will provide you with 35 free Robux daily i.e. 900 Robux per month for free.
  • Outrageous: This is the last membership plan and will cost you 20$ and will provide you with 60 Robux daily i.e. 1800 Robux per month.
  • If you are purchasing the membership for the first time you will also be rewarded with 100 Robux as a joining bonus.

Other than getting free Robux, Builder’s club membership has some other perks too.

  • If you are a member of the Builders Club, you receive a daily Robux stipend.
  • The members of the Builders Club can sell shirts, pants and places and own about 70% of the profit.
  • You can directly go to the Robux page and buy it.
  • Builders Club members and non-members, both can sell game passes for Robux. The profits however for non-members is 10% than that of members is 70%.

Get free Robux by designing Avatar clothing

Roblox provides a preset clothing template. All you have to do is design something beautiful and paste it on the template. You don’t have to be a world-famous avant-garde fashion designer; This isn’t Fifth Avenue. Once you’ve created your article of clothing, merely upload it to the Catalog, set a price, and sit back while you gather commission with every purchase. Make something cool!

Get free Robux by selling developer Products

Simply use what you’ve learned from the Roblox Developer’s Hub to create the items you’ve conceived. Test them out, do experiments, and remember to keep tabs on the economy of your game.

You may have to tweak prices every now and then or use other forms of economic intervention to ensure there is always a demand for what you’re selling. You can use NPC vendors to distribute these items to players in-game or sell directly through the store featured on the game’s front page.

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