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What Is The Purpose of Publishing Videos Online?

Thanks to the Internet, anyone is a producer and diffuser of videos. Before, the only channel to watch videos was television. Or at most, the cinema. Today, instead, just look at your phone and you will surely receive videos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, on platforms such as YouTube or Netflix and on messaging apps such as Messages or WhatsApp.

online video publishing


The videos can be fun, entertaining, informative, teach us something … All in line with the audiovisual content of a lifetime. But from there, we can use the videos in a thousand ways for personal or professional use, whether you want to enhance your image, your brand, your company or product …

We collect various uses or types of videos that you can use to your advantage thanks to the guide published by Vidyard, a platform that helps you easily create, publish and disseminate videos.


Although platforms like YouTube or social networks abound with viral videos with fun situations, we also find educational or explanatory videos that allow us to learn something new.

These videos can be disseminated on social networks, on YouTube or on our own website and it is recommended that their duration does not exceed 60 or 90 seconds. It’s about being direct, getting to the point, sending one or two key messages and answering questions that your users may have had.

With an explanatory video, you will answer the questions of several users without having to answer one by one and thus solve doubts that may arise in the future thanks to the dissemination of the video.

How To

As in the previous case, we can broadcast it on several channels, from YouTube and social networks to your own web page or even via email if a user has requested that video.

Like the explanatory videos, it is about getting to the point, although its duration can be between 2 and 10 minutes depending on the complexity of the subject in question. For the rest, it is about explaining a step-by-step process, so the voiceover gains importance, as well as a good ordering or script structure.


The promotional video is a variant or evolution of the advertising of a lifetime, but instead of being subject to an advertising channel, we can disseminate promotional videos on social networks, YouTube, by email or on your own website as a personal presentation or of your business.

You can hire an online space to spread it, but the advantage is that you can spread it on social networks, YouTube, in newsletters that you send to your users, on your website … Otherwise, it should be brief, between 30 and 60 seconds, practical and direct.

A promotional video can be used to improve your image, publicize a product or project, a new brand or enhance an existing one … The possibilities are endless.


Webinars are increasingly popular on the Internet. The word is a mixture of web and seminar and basically consists of giving an online talk with the advantages that it can reach everywhere, it does not require being there in person and can be seen live or delayed.


Its duration is superior to that of other educational or didactic videos. We can find videos of 15 minutes or up to 1 hour long. Its purpose is to give an explanation on a complex topic and can be accompanied by complementary material such as articles to read or other videos.

A webinar can be used to answer a series of questions and answers in a single session or to offer material of interest or added value to your YouTube page or channel.

Demonstration Videos

On the way between the promotion and the How-To video, the demonstration videos show in practice the operation of an application, service or product.

Of a recommended duration of between 2 and 5 minutes, the demonstration video can answer questions about how to use a service or app but also publicize its characteristics and spread its suitability in a practical way, without artifice.

Like any didactic video should get to the point, be clear and simple and solve the possible doubts raised around what we show in the video.